Google not to store users data indefinitely


In a major move, Google announced that it will no longer save the complete record of searches made by new users.

The tech giant has been criticised for being hooded in terms of sharing what it does with user data. On the other hand, its rival Apple has managed a better and more privacy-oriented record on this front.

All information of people, even the ones who had opted to storing all of their history will now no longer be lodged into Google’s system forever, but instead will be deleted after 18 months by default.

As per Chief Executive Sundar Pichai “As we design our products, we focus on three important principles: keeping your information safe, treating it responsibly, and putting you in control”.

However, this auto-deletion system will not apply to Gmail and Google Photos, which are designed to store personal content.

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Introduced as an option last year, the feature allows users to continue using its smart services, without the need to store the record of their web activity.

 However, people who already have a Google account, exactly 1.5 billion of them, need to manually turn enable the feature.

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Google already has, and is expected to roll out emails reminding users to complete a “privacy check-up”, which in essence is a confirmation from the company on whether users would like their data to be stored.