F5 launches distributed cloud services

F5 Inc, a provider in application delivery controllers, announced a key expansion of its application security and delivery portfolio with F5 Distributed Cloud Services.  The

The new solution, which is a result of several acquisitions of f5, including Volterra and Shape Security, will provide security, multi-cloud networking, and edge-based computing solutions on a unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

The company is also launching the first new solution on this platform, F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP (Web Application and API Protection).  It augments multiple security capabilities across F5 technologies in one SaaS offering.

The F5’s upcoming 2022 State of Application Strategy Report says that 88 percent of organisations operate both legacy and modern application architectures, while 70 percent operate in multiple clouds. This expands the threat surface area as companies are forced to deploy separate, and often inconsistent, security controls across different environments. The company has significantly expanded its software and cloud offerings to deliver a broad portfolio of solutions to help customers address this complexity and risk.

François Locoh-Donou, President and CEO, F5, said, “The launch of F5 Distributed Cloud Services is significant. It provides a simpler way for customers to manage the complex challenge of modern application security.”

F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP simplifies security and automates process. It allowS application teams to focus on delivering features and functionality.


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