Chingari raises $13 million as funding


Local short video platform Chingari said he had raised $ 13 million in a funding round and was joined by Bollywood actor Salman Khan as a brand ambassador and investor.

On March 31, OnMobile Global announced that it had held a $ 13 million (Rs 98.7 billion) fundraising round in Chingari.

“This is a truly meaningful partnership for Chingari. Our philosophy is to reach out to every state in Bharat and we are delighted to have Salman Khan on board as one of our global brand ambassadors and investors,” said Sumit, Co-Founder and CEO. by Chingari Dit Ghosh when we have the information.

He said he was convinced that the partnership will allow Chingari to reach greater heights in the near future.

Details of Khan’s investments were not disclosed.

Speaking about the partnership, Salman Khan said that Chingari focuses on creating value for its consumers and content creators.

“I love how Chingari has become in such a short time a platform where millions of people from one country to another show their unique talents and in a short time can be seen by millions of people. Others, ”he added.

Chingari and COO co-founder Deepak Salvi believe that the actor’s massive appeal will help the app attract more users to the platform.

“Chingari has always focused on empowering content creators and builds on its strategy of continuously delivering exciting content to all users with more relevant and robust features for Bharat in general,” he adds in -he.

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Other investors that participated in this round are Republic Labs USA, Astarc Ventures, White Star Capital, India TV (Rajat Sharma), JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd., ProfitBoard Ventures and some large family office funds from Great Britain.

Last year, Chingari raised more than $ 1.4 million from investors including Angel List, iSeed, Village Global, Blume Founders Fund, Jasminder Singh Gulati, and others.

Chingari will also use the funds to enhance its content portfolio and recruit top talent.

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Tech4Billion Media owns the Chingari application, which allows users to download videos in 14 languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Oya, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.