Google testing new Assistant UI for users


In a major development, Google has been testing a more compact Assistant UI that takes some visual queue from the Pixel 4. The search engine firm is now testing another Google Assistant design that brings the light bar to non-Pixel phones.

On the Pixel 4’s new Google Assistant, the light bar is shown when the microphone is active and listening. It pulsates as you speak and continues to animate until an answer is returned. This interface is very bold and quite prominent.

Google now looks to be bringing the light bar to non-Pixel 4 devices as part of the latest Assistant design.

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It starts by doing away with the pill-shaped controls at the bottom of your screen. Lens, voice, and keyboard lookup are not grouped together anymore. There is no longer a microphone that animates into four dots and later a waveform as you talk.

Keyboard entry has been moved to the right corner, just like on Pixel 4, while the Snapshot feed can be accessed from the other end. Meanwhile, the Lens icon has been moved to the front of the suggestion chips carousel. Lastly, there’s a large “Hi, how can I help?” prompt with the logo above.