Microsoft Teams to add five new featuares


In a major development, Microsoft has been updating Teams regularly with new features and improvements. Microsoft this week announced five new features coming to Teams soon.

The new Microsoft Teams features are aimed at making the most out of video meetings. Microsoft wants to make these virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and ultimately, more human. These features including enabling virtual reality in meetings, increasing the participant count, live reactions and even chat bubbles.

This is an interesting feature that tries to give a more realistic feel to video meetings. Microsoft uses AI to virtually place all participants in a shared background. Together mode will enable different backgrounds where all participants are seated together.

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Dynamic view gives users more control on how to personalise the screen during meetings. Users will be able to select specific participants to view on the side and shared content as well. Microsoft Teams already optimises participant view and shared content, but this feature lets users customise it according to their preferences.

Microsoft Teams users can now virtually react in meetings with live reactions. This will be done using emojis for different reactions like claps, heart, laugh and more. Live reactions will be visible to all participants in the meeting. Microsoft is also adding PowePoint Live Presentations to Teams soon.