Apple’s latest move will make life difficult for Facebook, WhatsApp


Apple is synonymous to privacy. Be it its own apps, services or third-party apps, Apple has always made the guidelines about its privacy policy very loud and clear. Now, the tech giant is set to jolt Facebook and WhatsApp by its latest move in this regard.

According to latest report in The Information, Apple will restrict how apps use internet voice call functionality that currently may allow mobile software to collect data while they run in the background. It will ensure that background access is used just for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls and not for anything else that could lead to user data being used.

The two apps that are expected to be affected the most by the move are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The Information says that at the moment, both apps use a specific Apple developer tool that allows them to have a workaround to iOS restrictions.

Regarding WhatsApp, The Information says, “It may have a particularly heavy impact on WhatsApp, which has been using the internet calling feature in a variety of ways, including for implementing the app’s end-to-end encryption.”

Facebook on the other hand states that the move will not affect it much. It says the changes to the upcoming iOS releases were not insignificant, but it was in conversations with Apple on how best to address. Further clarifying its stand on the matter, the spokesperson said, “To be clear—we are using the PushKit VoIP API to deliver a world-class, private messaging experience, not for the purpose of collecting data.”