Lectra To Acquire US-Based Gerber Technology By Elets News Network - 19 February 2021


The news feeds of IT and technology websites in early February were exploded with information about the “deal of the year”, which could turn the game in the market of automation and innovation in the textile industry. The French company Lectra plans to acquire the US developer of software and equipment for the production of textiles – Gerber Technology.

Lectra is currently one of the major Industry 4.0 players in the fashion, automotive, and furniture industries. Among its main developments are universal intelligent industrial solutions (software, hardware, data, and digital services). The company’s activities are aimed at helping to automate and digitalize manufacturers and retailers.

What is Gerber Technology and why is it so famous?

Many companies around the world use Gerber software and hardware, as well as IT products, to solve the problems of design and production, which allows them to maintain a leading position in various market segments.

The US company strives to meet the diverse needs of users and offers solutions for automating the production of clothing and in the processing of technical textiles.

Gerber End-to-End Solution is a comprehensive solution that has become a pioneer in the field of “end-to-end” automation of clothing modeling, design of patterns, and industrial layouts, as well as for further information processing and management of automated flooring machines and cutting complexes.

Gerber Innovations is the only North American manufacturer of all types of automatic cutting solutions for the packaging industry. In all market segments, Gerber Technology products improve production efficiency and reduce product costs.

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It is worth noting that one of the key aspects of the work of Gerber Technology is the security of the solutions developed by them. A high level of privacy, concern for the personal data of their customers (as highlighted in the NordVPN review) and an effective approach to the online security of their own products this is what distinguishes US developer.

What is known about the buyer?

Lectra is a world leader in the field of integrated technological solutions used to automate, simplify and accelerate the design, construction, and manufacture of textile and furniture products.

Lectra develops the most advanced specialized software, fabric cutting systems, and provides related services, including the production of fashion products (clothing, accessories, shoes), the automotive industry (car seats, interiors, airbags), the aerospace and marine industries, as well as the production of furniture. Lectra serves more than 20,000 customers in more than 100 countries and employs approximately 1,700 people.

Why is this deal so important for the industrial automation market?

Every year, more than one billion garments (including more than 30 million seats in cars, trains, ships, and aircraft, as well as more than 20 million conventional seats in the furniture segment) are produced on Gerber Technology systems in more than a hundred countries around the world.

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Today, Gerber Technology occupies more than 40% of the global market for automated cutting systems for the light industry. Over the past 15 years, between 82 and 88 of the 100 largest clothing manufacturers in the world have used Gerber Technology equipment, i.e. 9 out of 10 manufacturers use Gerber equipment.

Innovation is the main driving force of Gerber Technology. Today, they offer customers the latest and most promising technologies. Historically, many Gerber Technology products have been recognized as industry standards, as well as benchmarks for comparison with other systems.

The main innovations of Gerber Technology in recent years are: the YuniquePLM system (Product Lifecycle Data Management), together with a new technology that allows you to take 360o photos of product samples on a mannequin or model, as well as the legendary AccuMark ® design system, including the AccuScan application. This innovative feature allows you to photograph patterns and immediately transfer them to the Gerber CAD system for processing.

At the moment, it is not known how the market for automation and innovation in textile production will change after the deal between Gerber Technology and Lectra. In what direction will one of the main market leaders develop after the change of the head owner?

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This transaction, if completed, will allow the French brand to significantly improve its market position and continue to expand its offerings based on Industry 4.0 technology. This, in turn, will allow its customers to increase the productivity and profitability of their operations.

According to experts, the deal is timely for both giants of the textile and fashion industry. The current uncertain economic climate and the unprecedented challenges facing many brands in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic make it more important than ever for them to transform, digitize and optimize their operations.

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