Wipro join hands with US-based firm ProcessMaker


IT major Wipro and ProcessMaker, a US-based software company and low-code workflow automation platform, joined hands for delivering workflow management solutions.

The partnership will leverage Wipro’s proprietary technology platform iCaaS (Intelligent Content as a Service) along with ProcessMaker’s Workflow automation platform to deliver Cognitive Content Automation solutions to customers.

These solutions will enable paperless streamlined and efficient document processing while lowering the overall cost of operations.

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It will digitise and automate complex business processes including KYC verification, account opening for financial services, invoicing and payments, supply chain financial services, invoicing and payments, supply chain visibility and vendor on boarding for small businesses among others, it said.

“Using these solutions, business users, technology organisations, and line of business managers will be able to accelerate their customers digital journey,” it stated.