5 Budget-friendly Diwali gifting ideas for 2019

Diwali gifting ideas

Talking about the period of festivities, India as a country tops the charts all across the globe. With an average of over two festivals in a month, the hype of Diwali and Holi breaks all boundaries for people residing in any part of the country. Around this time of the year, the only thing which occupies the mind is the smell of sweets around the streets, homes, and bundles of joys in the name of gifts. But, each year few questions seem to be sticking around– What should be gifted to our special friends as well as family members?

Sugandh Bahl of Elets News Network (ENN) brings to you Five Diwali gifting ideas to pamper your loved ones with unique and amazing gifting baskets. These gifting ideas are not only unique but also pocket-friendly.

1. Adorning the Corners with Diyas

Why not gift someone an aura of festivities, a ray of hope for a better future! Sprucing up their homes, with some gorgeous brass hanging diyas, LED Thalis, lights, candles, Diwali lanterns.

2. Eco-friendly Items

Living amidst the atmosphere full of dust and pollution, one can also gift their loved ones a non-diminishing drive towards stopping pollution. Help the local craftsman near your home and purchase some eco-friendly earthen pots or a clay Ganesha idol. After all, Diwali is not just about gifting happiness to your loved ones, it is also about bringing a smile on everyone’s face.

3. Homemade Love

Well, simply irresistible have always been Chocolates/ our local Indian delicacies. Though the best can always be found in lit lanes of Delhi’s Chandni Chowk or the wholesale shops for chocolates/dry fruits but if you wish to gift something which is homemade and crafted with love, you can make some bars at home and they can be further gifted in fancy jars, decorated basket, exuberant pouches, etc.

4. Natural Air-purifiers

Combating the issue of growing air pollution each day, gifting your friends and family some air purifier plants can help them keep their home environment pollution-free.

5. Feng Shui’s Three Golden Owls

This feng shui item with three golden owls speaking of good karma and an astonishing improvement for home style is your friend in need. This signal to your loved ones will be abundantly valued and will likewise stand apart among other gifting things.