Tata Communications enhances the InstaCC Platform with digital features

Digital elements are added to Tata Communications’ InstaCCTM platform to redefine business client engagement. It creates a safe, interconnected digital fabric that enables connections between large corporations and end users via a variety of channels, including social media, online browsers, mobile applications, and company websites. This makes it possible for multinational corporations to interact with their clients in a clever, seamless, and user-friendly manner across all their chosen channels. Tata Communications’ position as a leading worldwide end-to-end digital customer experience (CX) orchestrator is strengthened by the InstaCCTM platform, an omnichannel Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).

Tata Communications‘ InstaCCTM platform, which is a component of its worldwide CCaaS strategy, enables companies to expand without difficulty across borders while maintaining compliance with global regulations. Additionally, Tata Communications and Genesys®, a pioneer in customer experience orchestration on the global cloud, are collaborating to expand the InstaCCTM portfolio by offering a better CX service. Through this cooperation, businesses may use Genesys Cloud CXTM, an all-in-one, CCaaS and employee experience solution, to leverage the power of cloud, digital, and AI technologies for proactive, predictive, and personalized customer interaction.

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