Facebook launches Messenger Room globally


As COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant rise in the usage and popularity of video conferencing apps, Facebook launched its own virtual video chat service, Messenger Rooms and made it available for everyone.  Apps such as Zoom, Google Meet and many digital companies have been rushing to join the revolution by introducing their own options in recent days.

Messenger Rooms will let users host free video calls with up to 50 people for as long as they want, no time limits, with friends, family and anyone else who is invited or gets sent a link to the call being able to join.

Rooms need the Facebook or Messenger apps to be launched, the tech giant allows for even non-Facebook users to join the rooms.

Messenger Rooms can be shared anywhere on Facebook, be it the News Feed, in Groups or Events. The person who launched the Room can choose who’s allowed to join as well as remove people, in addition to being able to lock the Room.

A week ago Google announced that its Duo app will soon be supporting up to 32 participants in video chats, exactly matching the number of participants Apple’s FaceTime allows for.

Telegram also announced its plans to bring secure group video calls.