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Now, avail easy finance at ‘myLoan’ app

To extend personal loan offerings, Tata Capital, the financial services provider has launched ‘myLoan’ - a first-of-its kind mobile app enabling customers to view...

IT Initiatives in tamil nadu

T K Ramachandran Secretary, Information Technology Department Government of Tamil Nadu “There is no denying the ubiquitous role of ICTs in our society, from the way in...

Successful e-Governance Demands e-Enabled States : Suresh Chanda, Secretary, Department of...

“Since India is a large country, e-enabling government departments has to be dealt at the state level. The Central government can only act as a facilitator by impressing upon every state government the significance of ICT projects in public welfare.”

Right to Information Act comes into force in India

[This article was published in the November 2005 issue of the eGov Magazine (http://www.egovonline.net) ]

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