Zoom launches new hardware for users


To provide quality to users, Video conferencing company Zoom has launched new hardware to help users work remotely. Called the Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, the device is essentially a large touchscreen tab. It is priced at Rs 45,037 approximately.

Zoom’s DTEN Me comes with a 27-inch touchscreen display. It has three web cameras. The device also features as many as eight noise-reducing microphones.

Zoom’s first hardware has been developed by DTEN, a US-based company known for making appliances specifically for video conferencing.

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Zoom claims the device has been developed with simplicity in mind. Users can simply launch the interface by entering a pairing code, akin to Facebook’s code generator. Once the interface has launched, you can access all the key functionalities.

The device also allows users to link the interface to your calendar. You can also share the screen. For this, the device uses ultrasonic pairing with a laptop or a smartphone. According to TechCrunch, the pairing is very similar to Bluetooth but uses sound frequency between 18 and 22KHz to connect the devices.