Zoom rolls out new feature to curb Zoombombing


Video calling app Zoom, has introduced another features that are aimed at curbing the malicious practice of Zoombombing. Earlier, the app had rolled out features to curb Zoombombings .

 Zoombombing is called when hackers and trolls enter your virtual meeting room and spam it with objectionable content.

The company in the past has rolled out features such as personalising meeting ID and meeting password that are aimed at limiting the access of these trolls to the virtual meetings.

Now, the company has rolled out a feature that allows admins to disable personal meeting IDs or PMIs for instant meetings.

In a blog Zoom wrote, “Because PMIs are always accessible using the same ID or meeting link, anyone can join unless they’re properly secured. Disabling the use of PMIs reduces that risk altogether.”

The firm explained that the option to disable PMIs can be locked at the account or group level and that when PMIs are turned off, existing PMIs and personal links will become invalid.

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Furthermore, the company says that instant meetings and scheduled meetings will now use randomly generated meeting IDs instead of PMIs.

The Basic Zoom Account users will require a password for all meetings.

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