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Yotta Data Services announced a partnership with NVIDIA to provide state-of-the-art GPU computing platforms and infrastructure for its Shakti Cloud platform. The partnership will boost the creation of AI solutions in India by making cutting-edge AI capabilities accessible to a wide range of institutions, companies, startups, and AI researchers nationwide. Large language models (LLMs) and other AI workloads may be trained with this solution, enabling Yotta customers to meet the expanding demands of Asian, Indian, and wider global markets.

Yotta intends to launch with 4096 GPUs by January 2024 and 16,384 GPUs by June 2024. Yotta has already placed a sizable order for NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, a potent GPU for AI and HPC applications. Yotta also intends to significantly expand its GPU stable to 32,768 by the end of 2025 with full assistance from NVIDIA and a common goal to create India’s independent AI environment. This will immediately address the enormous need for high-performance GPUs for HPC and AI workloads that research laboratories, businesses, and startups have.

Through this partnership, Yotta joined the worldwide NCP list as an Elite Partner and became the first NVIDIA Partner Network cloud partner (NCP) in India.

Additionally, Yotta is implementing a reference architecture powered by NVIDIA and equipped with NVIDIA InfiniBand networking, which will enable GPU clusters to provide excellent performance at scale for large-scale HPC and AI training and inferencing applications.

From the beginning, Yotta’s Shakti Cloud AI platform will offer a range of PaaS services, including fundamental AI models and apps that will assist Indian businesses in developing effective AI tools and products.

The first cluster of 16,384 GPUs will be installed by Yotta at NM1, the company’s highly regarded and largest Uptime Tier-IV data center in Asia, which is situated in Navi Mumbai. Next, Yotta plans to set up a cluster of comparable size at D1, its biggest and most recent hyperscale data center located in Greater Noida, close to Delhi.

This partnership is being formed at a time when AI usage in India is exploding, with the nation emerging as a center for digital content development, online gaming, and research. By 2030, AI usage in India is predicted to reach US$14 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. In a similar vein, the Indian gaming market is predicted to explode, reaching US$5 billion by 2025. To satisfy anticipated client demands, GPU computing plays a major role in all of these businesses.

Sunil Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Yotta, and Darshan Hiranandani, co-founder and chairman of Yotta, share the joy. With the launch of our Shakti Cloud platform in India, Yotta is thrilled to collaborate with NVIDIA, a leader in GPU technology worldwide, to bring in a new era of computing innovation in support of the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s goal for a digital Bharat. We are eager to start this journey, utilizing NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPU technology along with our scalable cloud and data center infrastructure to provide Indian businesses, governments, startups, and researchers with unmatched GPU-as-a-Service solutions that will accelerate advancements in AI, machine learning, gaming, content creation, and scientific research. Through the provision of NVIDIA GPU power as a service, Yotta seeks to accelerate innovation and revolutionize industries throughout India to promote quality, efficiency, and growth. The collaborative work we have undertaken marks a noteworthy achievement for us and we are enthusiastic about the boundless opportunities it brings for both our clientele and the nation of India. In addition, we appreciate the Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh governments and the Ministry of Information Technology’s ongoing help in making this a reality.

Commenting on this development, Jay Puri, executive vice president of Worldwide Field Operations at NVIDIA, said, “India has emerged as a vibrant hub for technological innovation and digital transformation. Our collaboration with Yotta will help open up access to the specialized infrastructure that makes AI possible at scale and bring GPU capabilities to customers in India, accelerating advancements in AI and fostering innovation across industries.”

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Yotta seeks to promote innovation and competitiveness in a range of industries by democratizing access to GPU resources. With options for long-term reservations, Yotta’s Shakti Cloud will provide GPUs and a range of related AI and PaaS services for a very low cost on an hourly basis.
Yotta’s aim to promote digital transformation across India is ideally aligned with its dedication to technology innovation and quality.

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