Telegram brings new features; check out By Elets News Network - 30 January 2021


The encrypted messaging application Telegram, which added more than 100 million new users in January, has made official the incorporation of its chat history to its platform from applications such as WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk.

This works for both individual and group chats and can transfer photos and video calls.

Telegram, that we have exceeded 600 million users, said in a statement that the messages will matter to the current day, but will also include their original timestamps.

“All members of the chat on Telegram will see the messages,” the company said.

“With this update, get even more control: Secret chats, groups you created, and call history can now also be deleted for all sides at any time.”

The messages and media you move don’t need to take up additional space.

“The older applications make you store all the data on your device, but Telegram takes up practically no space and allows you to access all your messages, photos and videos anytime you need them,” the company said.

The company also announced improved chats where users can adjust the volume of individual participants to manage microphone levels.

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“The settings made by group admins apply to all listeners,” Telegram said.

You can now see results of your groups having active voice conversations from the top of the Call History page.

Telegram also maintains an improved audio player in which when a track is playing, you tap the number of the author and the player for the tracks of all your chats.

“If you need to skip forward or repeat something you missed, press and hold the Next and Previous buttons to move forward and backward.”

Telegram has seen significant acceptance by new users, there are only those WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that were triggered by a new sober debate and data sharing.

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