TCS to help Amazon Web Services establish a quantum computing lab

Tata Consultancy Services pic

Tata Consultancy Services has partnered with Amazon Web Services to launch a quantum computing lab on the latter’s platform.

“Our customers can jumpstart their quantum computing journey by taking advantage of the investments TCS has made in this powerful technology, backed by our strong partnership with AWS,” said Krishna Mohan, Global Head of TCS’ AWS Business Unit.

The company’s Quantum Computing Lab on the Amazon Web Service platform will assist the latter in developing and testing business solutions, thereby accelerating quantum computing adoption in the industry.

TCS has been investing in quantum computing research for more than four years. According to a company statement, the company has also filed two patents and is working on developments in artificial intelligence, optimisation, cryptography, digital security, and other areas.

Quantum computing is a new technology field that uses quantum mechanics laws to solve problems that are too complex for traditional computers.