Tarun Chhabra

In a significant shift within its global reorganisation framework, Nokia has appointed Tarun Chhabra as the new leader of its operations in India. This move is a component of an extensive global strategy to enhance operational efficiency and cut down on expenses. Chhabra, who has previously led the mobile networks division as a senior vice president, steps into his new role to steer Nokia India towards greater operational cohesion and market responsiveness. He takes over from Sanjay Malik, a veteran at Nokia India, who has been at the helm for nearly eight years. Malik is set to assist in the transition process until the end of March 2024.

Chhabra’s direct reporting line will be to Tommi Uitto, the President of Mobile Networks, reflecting the importance of the Indian market in Nokia’s global strategy. His responsibilities will be twofold, including the oversight of the Indian market and the mobile networks business within the country.

This leadership transition is part of Nokia‘s broader initiative announced in October of the previous year, aiming to significantly reduce its global workforce by 11,000 to 14,000 positions. This initiative bolsters Nokia’s operational agility and better adapts to the dynamic market environment.

The announcement of Chhabra’s appointment, effective April 2024, aligns with Nokia’s global restructuring efforts focusing on customer satisfaction and excellence in all business facets. Despite a strong financial showing in the Indian market, primarily driven by substantial 5G contracts, Nokia has faced challenges due to a slowdown in deployment activities by Indian telecom operators. This has led to a 33% reduction in net sales in the region during the last quarter of 2023, prompting the initiation of restructuring activities that included job reductions across various departments.

The exact number of positions affected in India has not been disclosed, but the restructuring highlights Nokia’s emphasis on maintaining a flexible and efficient operational model. As Nokia moves through this period of transition, it aims to solidify its position for future growth and success, ensuring a focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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