T-Series, an Indian music and film corporation with a turnover of INR 2,372 crore, has announced the induction of Neeraj Kalyan and Shiv Chanana into its board of directors. Kalyan, serving as the president, and Chanana, the executive vice-president for films, have both been pivotal in the company’s journey under the leadership of Bhushan Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director. Their close association with Kumar, with Chanana being a lifelong friend since Kumar took the helm of Super Cassettes Industries (T-Series’ formal name) following his father’s tragic demise in 1997, has been instrumental in their promotions.

Bhushan Kumar lauded their contributions in a recent press statement, highlighting their unwavering support, dedication, and the significant impact they have had on the company’s success. He expressed his personal and professional gratification in working alongside them and welcomed their inclusion on the T-Series board.

T-Series, renowned as India’s premier music label, has maintained its position as the top channel on YouTube globally for more than seven years. Its expansion into film production has also proven successful, contributing over INR 843 crore to its revenue in the fiscal year ending March 2022. The company celebrated a remarkable 2023, with the film “Animal” by Sandeep Vanga Reddy, generating a global box-office revenue of INR 917 crore.

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In their new roles, Kalyan will oversee business development, music catalog licensing, and the distribution of T-Series produced or co-produced films across digital platforms as president and executive director. Meanwhile, Chanana will continue to spearhead the acquisition of diverse content, including music rights, as executive vice president and executive director.

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