Prisma Cloud Delivers Context-Aware Software Composition Analysis By Elets News Network - 21 September 2022

Prisma Cloud

Open source software is an essential component of cloud-native applications, allowing developers to code more quickly and modularly without reinventing the wheel to reinvent the wheel every time. However, as discovered in the Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report, 2H 2021, open-source software frequently has known vulnerabilities, exposing enterprises to severe risk. Palo Alto Networks unveiled the industry’s first context-aware software composition analysis (SCA) solution to responsibly assist developers in using open-source software components unveiled the industry’s first context-aware software composition analysis (SCA) solution to assist developers in using open-source software components responsibly. The integration of SCA into Prisma® Cloud highlights why Palo Alto Networks is the premier cloud-native security provider.

Traditional SCA solutions are stand-alone products that can generate a huge number of alarms but lack the runtime context to assist with vulnerability remediation. Developers and security teams can proactively surface and prioritize known vulnerabilities that impact the application lifecycle with the inclusion of SCA to the Prisma Cloud platform (i.e., code, build, deploy and run). Prisma Cloud SCA provides deep dependency discovery and vulnerability mitigation in open-source software before apps are deployed. It can also assist developers in prioritizing remediation based on existing program components. When SCA solutions are deployed as single-point products, these functionalities are not possible.

“Developers using open source software should be able to design apps with confidence that they are not exposing the enterprise to risk,” said Ankur Shah, Palo Alto Networks’ senior vice president of Prisma Cloud. “With 75% of the average application made up of open source components, SCA on Prisma Cloud is critical to securing the company from code to cloud and empowering developers to build quickly.”

Prisma Cloud, as a complete cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), is context-aware at every stage of the application lifecycle, providing a single view of risk across businesses’ cloud environments. Whereas current approaches to cloud security rely on siloed products that provide intermittent visibility without correction, Prisma Cloud takes a complete, prevention-first approach to cloud security. With a 188% growth in cloud incident response cases over the last three years, this change in strategy is now required.

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