Micro Focus’ CyberRes partners with Google Cloud By Elets News Network - 13 August 2022

Micro Focus

The future release of BigQuery remote functionalities will be supported by cooperation between Google Cloud and CyberRes, a Micro Focus business unit. By integrating with Google’s BigQuery data warehouse, Voltage SecureData, an end-to-end enterprise data protection solution from CyberRes, will enable businesses to advance their data science activities and stay compliant with privacy laws that are always changing.

Customers of CyberRes Voltage will be able to persistently secure data that is being used, moved, and stored in Google BigQuery thanks to the integration. Customers of Google Cloud’s BigQuery can now benefit from Voltage’s privacy-enabling solutions thanks to the support for remote functions. Customers of Mutual can combine Google BigQuery’s built-in security with Voltage’s format-preserving encryption, hashing, and tokenization services within BigQuery to fulfil stringent privacy compliance requirements. All customers can use regulated data for analytics across hybrid clouds in a secure manner thanks to Voltage’s cloud-independent and reliable data protection.

Tony de la Lama, Vice President of Product Management, CyberRes, said, “The availability of remote functions from BigQuery is an exciting and critical evolution of Google Cloud’s platform for our customers,” “The integration with Voltage SecureData means BigQuery will allow customers to utilize and support the Voltage data-centric protection approach for secure analytics, enabling enterprises to accelerate and expand their data science initiatives with privacy by default.”

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