Oracle invites customers and partners to create applications


Oracle is making the design system and platform powering its apps available to clients and partners in order to assist enterprise developers in extending Oracle commercial applications with a uniform consumer-grade user experience (UX). Oracle Applications Platform enables organizations to quickly and efficiently deliver secure apps that complement and seamlessly integrate with Oracle’s complete suite of cloud applications by leveraging Oracle’s award-winning Redwood UX components, advanced technologies such as search, self-learning recommendations, and conversational experiences, as well as telemetry and low-code development tools.

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“No matter how quickly we innovate,” Jenny Lam, senior vice president of user experience design at Oracle, remarked, “some customers will want to add their own features or industry-specific capabilities.” “With Oracle Products Platform, we’re offering customers and partners access to the same tools that Oracle’s own development team uses to extend and customise our applications to meet their specific requirements.” This enables enterprise developers to swiftly and simply create self-improving apps with consumer-grade user experiences that interact seamlessly with their existing Oracle applications.”