Oracle automates the tasks sellers despise with next-generation CRM

Oracle revealed the next version of Oracle Fusion Sales, a sales automation tool that helps sellers close deals more quickly by identifying high-quality sales opportunities. Fusion Sales, a component of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) and driven by artificial intelligence (AI), automatically offers sellers prices, suggestions, and suggested actions to help them work more productively, close more transactions, and inspire trust in their customers.

A recent survey by CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group in collaboration with Oracle found that nearly one-third of sellers have trouble closing deals and hitting quotas. The “Does Your CRM Leave Money on the Table” report emphasizes the challenges that sellers encounter due to significant client churn and antiquated sales procedures. Conversely, sellers have stated that they are receptive to further automation and trust AI to handle more tasks, such as lead qualification (70%), identifying priority transactions (60%), and monitoring deal progress (80 per cent). Senior Sales Director for Customer Experience (CX) Solutions, Rakesh Jaitly.

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Oracle India, said, “Empowering the sales leaders with the right set of tools and intelligent solutions based on AI and ML embedded technologies is critical must navigate today’s complex ‘selling’ environment and gain a competitive edge. Applying more than four decades of data and business process experience, we are committed to creating the next era of CRM with our Oracle Fusion Sales offering; an automation platform which will provide sellers with AI-supported deeper insights to improve their productivity at every stage of the sales journey.”

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