Maruti Suzuki surpasses 2.5 crores in production and plans to build a new facility in Haryana

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd announced on Wednesday that it had achieved cumulative production of more than 2.5 crore units, making it the only homegrown company to reach this milestone in passenger vehicle production.

Hisashi Takeuchi, Managing Director & CEO of Maruti Suzuki, stated in a statement, “2022 marks 40 years of Suzuki’s partnership with the people of India.” The achievement of 25 million cumulative production milestones this year demonstrates Suzuki’s ongoing commitment and partnership with the people of India.”

Maruti Suzuki, which began operations in 1983, produced ten lakh units in March 1994. The company reached the million-dollar mark in March 2011 and the two-million-dollar mark in July 2018.

The company’s first manufacturing facility was established in Gurugram, Haryana. However, the company now has two manufacturing plants in Haryana, Gurugram and Manesar, with a combined production capacity of 15 lakh units per year.

“In the future, we will continue to work toward our goal of providing ‘Joy of Mobility’ to all.” In order to accomplish this, we will introduce new exciting, feature-rich, and environmentally friendly products to the market. We have also begun work on establishing a new manufacturing facility in Kharkhoda, Haryana, in anticipation of increased demand for passenger vehicles,” said Takeuchi.

According to the company, it sells 16 passenger vehicle models in the domestic market and exports to approximately 100 countries. He added that the automaker will continue to introduce new products to the market in the future.