Google Meet App to limit meetings to 60 mins

In a major development, video-conferencing app Google Meet has announced that the free version of the app will only let users host meetings for 60 minutes.  The new rule would only be applicable from September 30.

According to reports, along with the cap on meetings, Google will also limit access to some of the advanced G-Suite features such as allowing over 250 participants, live streaming, and saving meeting recordings to Google Drive.

However, the users who do not want to upgrade to the paid version can continue using the free version albeit with a limit on the meetings. It would not be hard to conclude a meeting in 60 minutes if the user is not ready to pay for more meetings.

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Google Meet and other video conferencing platforms like Zoom have been on high demand during the coronavirus pandemic. Google Meet and Zoom have crossed the 100 million mark in terms of daily participants.

Earlier, Google had launched a new feature in its Meet app where users can see up to 49 people at once. The 49 people view can be enabled in Tiled and Auto layouts. This feature is, however, available on the web.

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