Cyware rolls out CTIX platform version 3.0

Cyware has released version 3.0 of its updated Cyware Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX) platform, which includes improved dashboard visualizations, ease of threat navigation, sophisticated threat contextualization, single-window threat view, and end-to-end threat lifecycle management.

CTIX v3.0 gives security teams improved contextual insights and uncovers hidden threat actor behavior patterns that previous threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) have missed. The CTIX v3.0 interacts with enormous amounts of ingested threat intel in an improvised and totally automated manner to offer the exact context security teams require to execute advanced threat analysis and investigations and prioritize threat response. Furthermore, the platform was built utilizing an API-First methodology, allowing users to interact with it using both the API and the User Interface (UI) in a seamless manner.

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Speaking on the launch, Amit Patel, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Cyware, said, “With the release of CTIX 3.0, we are moving one step closer to realizing our vision of providing security teams with advanced capabilities to gain the relevant context out of their IntelOps to make better decisions for tackling critical threats at scale. The revamped user experience of the platform will reduce friction in threat investigations performed by security teams, while also helping break down individual intrusions to connect the insights from disparate pieces of intel to build a coherent picture of the threat environment.”

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