Byju’s has appointed Puneet Bhirani as senior VP operations

Puneet Bhirani

Byju’s has appointed Puneet Bhirani as senior vice president-operations, he will be responsible for the company’s overall operations and also lending technological and innovative support to the organisation.

“Puneet (Bhirani) brings in a wealth of experience coupled with a deep understanding of business operations,” said Pravin Prakash, chief people officer, Byju’s. “We believe his joining will be a great value addition to the team and look forward to supporting him along the way.”

Puneet has over 24 years experience across India, UK and US. Before Byju’s he was chief executive officer of Ola Fleet. He has been associated with brands like Digital Risk, Mphasis, Planet Asia, and Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. He has expertise in business transformation, new business setup and expansion, business development and cost and resource optimization across various domains.

“Byju’s has displayed disruptive growth over the past 1.5 years,” said Bhirani, who holds an advanced MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School. “I am looking forward to becoming an integral part of the brand’s upheaval and introducing new practices to continue the seamless momentum of existing processes,” he said.