Humanizing D2C Brands through Personalised Customer Engagement By Elets News Network - 10 April 2024

Humanizing D2C Brands

In the contemporary marketplace, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands are increasingly adopting personalized customer engagement strategies. These approaches aim to foster meaningful and humanized interactions with their audience. Reflecting on this trend, a captivating fireside chat was held between Somick Goswami, Partner and Transformation Leader at PwC, and Harish Rama Rao, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Acko at the recently concluded Elets Digital Natives Summit in Bengaluru. Edited excerpts:


Somick Goswami, Partner and Transformation Leader, PwC


  • Somick opened the dialogue by setting the stage for a discussion on D2C trends, emphasizing the shift towards personalized consumer experiences driven by data analytics. He introduced the contemporary relevance of D2C strategies in engaging informed customers, underscoring the anticipated leapfrog advancement due to technology. He highlighted the consumer expectation for personalised interactions, referencing a statistic that 70% of customers expect personalised experiences.


Key Points Raised

  • Personalization and Data Privacy: Raised concerns about the balance between hyper-personalisation and consumer privacy, illustrating a personal anecdote to question the boundaries of data collection.
  • Ethos of Business and Customer Engagement: Discussed the importance of a business’s ethos in shaping D2C strategies, emphasizing genuine customer engagement and the impact of loyalty and brand consistency across multiple channels.

Harish Rama Rao, Sr.VP-Engineering, Acko


  • Harish explored the nuances of personalisation in D2C, delineating between understanding customer stories, leveraging data, and aligning with the company ethos. He advocated for a balanced approach to personalisation, where data utilisation enhances customer choice without breaching privacy. He also addressed the criticality of empathy and customer-centric decision-making in D2C, stressing the importance of building relationships and tailoring products to individual customer needs for insurance and banking services.

Key Points Raised

  • Data Utilization and Ethical Considerations: Detailed the importance of ethical data use, focusing on the necessity to avoid greed in data collection and to use data responsibly to guide customers in their decisions.
  • Customer Empathy and Scaling Challenges: Spoke on the challenges of scaling D2C strategies while maintaining a human touch and customer empathy. He stressed the need for technology investments to replicate personalized experiences at scale.
  • Consistency Across Channels and Driving Loyalty: Harish discussed strategies for maintaining a consistent brand voice across various marketing channels and the importance of loyalty, which stems from fulfilling brand promises and delivering consistent, high-quality customer experiences.
  • Dealing with Negative Feedback: Shared insights on managing negative experiences and feedback, emphasizing the need for customer empathy and tailored support systems to address individual concerns effectively.
  • Role of Influencers in D2C: Touched upon the strategic use of influencers in D2C marketing, advocating for partnerships that authentically resonate with the brand’s values and effectively communicate its ethos to the target audience.

To sum it up

Both Harish & Somick contributed valuable insights into the evolving D2C landscape, emphasizing the importance of personalisation, customer data ethics, and maintaining brand consistency across channels to foster loyalty and engagement. They highlighted the challenges of scaling personalised experiences and the critical role of customer empathy in navigating negative feedback, underscoring the overall impact of these strategies on building strong, direct-to-consumer relationships.

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