Ajit Sodhi, Managing Partner and CTO, mySignatureBook explains why digitisation is the only way ahead

ajit sodhi

The era of digitisation is here. With organisations bending towards ‘smart working’, Artificial Intelligence, smart working and digitisation, the work has not just become easier and fast, but has also brought in more transparency and authenticity.

Ajit Sodhi, Managing Partner and CTO, mySignatureBook that provides smart document eSignature solutions to digitize cumbersome paper processes, stressed on the same fact, as he shared his views Elets Pharma CIO Symposium 2017. He said companies, to grow, leverage , compete or innovate, have to see the change coming. If they do not adopt the change, it’s going to be very challenging to stay in business. He also emphasised how going paperless helped organisations cut costs and was the upcoming buzzword.

“We have digital India coming along with. It’s quite natural progression I see when I see the start of cashless and soon our economy is also going to become paperless. It’s going to be happening. It is already happening in lots of places. It is the only way to grow your business. If you can handle the entire paper flow, your cost of running the business becomes significantly low. So you have the ability to grow your revenue and also control your cost,” he said.

Sodhi talked about the evolution of telephone and mobile industry to back his statement. “Way back in 1800s, it took almost 80 years before you could see this rotation of phone to real dialer phone. From dialer phone to real Nokia popular model, which you all must have carried, happened in much shorter time. But the smartphone era came very fast. And today nobody can image a life without a smartphone. Some people make a conscious effort to learn how they can use it but your life kind of depends on that. So the point remains, the transformation is happening around you. If you are not looking it you are getting blind side. You need to be prepared how you can really stay alive or keep your business growing. So that’s one example I want to say.”

Another example that he cited to stress the fact that digitisation was the only way ahead, was that of cab giants Uber and ola.

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“Talking about Uber. How many of you are using black and white taxis? Nobody I think. Everyone is using Uber or Ola. They are not just giving you options of driverless economy, how you can leverage vehicle going on the road for additional values. So these are just two names that I picked but there are lot more like that which are changing the whole economies,” added Sodhi.

While Sodhi highlighted to accept the ‘change’, he also emphasized how ‘doing it accurately’ was equally important.

“In our vision, we try how we can enable organisations which are trying to accomplish their change goals through a more transparent and secure manner. I think what we can achieve from MSB is this, how we can leverage what we have to offer,” the CTO said.