Sterlite Technologies grows its global patent portfolio by 34%

Sterlite Technologies grows its global patent portfolio by 34%

Data networks integrator Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) has announced an increase of 34% in its global patent portfolio, taking the number of patents to 358 that includes 93 patent applications filed in FY20 in various countries like India, the US, Europe, and China for the company’s optical connectivity, network services, and virtual mobile edge solutions.

“We have evolved from an optical fibre company to industry’s leading integrator of data networks. One of the key drivers and building blocks for this transformation has been our undivided focus on developing unique solutions for the evolving converged network. It has empowered us to deliver disruptive end-to-end data network solutions for our customers worldwide. Our longstanding focus on Intellectual Property (IP) creation with our four innovation centres strengthens our position in the markets we operate,” said Dr Badri Gomatam, Group CTO, STL.

The company has four innovation centres for core research in optical fibre ultra-high speed connectivity and applied research on data networks – Optical Fiber Center of Excellence, Aurangabad; Cable Design Labs, Silvassa; Center for Smarter Networks, Gurgaon; and STL Cloud Labs, Ahmedabad.

STL has also partnered with leading research institutions like IIT, Chennai for 5G and Rutgers and MIT to be at the forefront of innovation.

The company has also joined the prestigious Open Invention Network (OIN), a global patent pool, which has the world’s leading tech companies as its members.