Smytten partners with QueueBuster to enhance offline store experience with advanced retail technology By Elets News Network - 02 April 2024

Smytten partners with QueueBuster

Smytten, renowned as India’s premier platform for tech-enabled product trials and discovery, has partnered with QueueBuster, a distinguished provider of point-of-sale (POS) solutions to amplify its offline store capabilities. This collaboration aims to equip Smytten’s growing chain of physical stores throughout India with QueueBuster’s sophisticated Android and cloud-based retail technology services, encompassing billing, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Smytten, enabling it to replicate the success of its online business model in the offline realm, thereby offering customers an integrated and hassle-free shopping experience. QueueBuster’s technology is set to revolutionize the way customers interact with Smytten’s diverse range of mini products in-store, ensuring a smooth and quick purchase process.

Varun Tangri, CEO of QueueBuster, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting their shared commitment to enriching the retail experience. Meanwhile, Siddhartha Nangia, Smytten’s Co-Founder, shared insights into the company’s journey from an online platform to embracing offline channels for a comprehensive omnichannel user experience. QueueBuster was chosen for its superior POS solutions, promising to streamline Smytten’s store operations efficiently.

Established in 2016, QueueBuster has emerged as a reliable POS solution provider, serving a wide array of brands and industries with its innovative offerings. Smytten, founded by Siddhartha Nangia and Swagata Sarangi, has become the largest tech-enabled D2C platform in India for discovering and trying products, featuring over 1200 lifestyle brands across various categories. The platform has experiential stores in key cities and plans to expand further.

This alliance between QueueBuster and Smytten is set to revolutionize the product sampling experience, leveraging technology and customer-centric strategies to simplify the purchase process for cosmetic products nationwide.

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