Nutanix Supports Asia’s businesses with a free trial of DaaS solution


Cloud technology has always helped in business continuity. In the same context, Nutanix the Enterprise Cloud OS company has announced Desktop as a Service (DaaS) ‘Nutanix Frame’ a cloud-based solution which is providing a virtual desktop and enhanced its free trail. It has the features like flexibility, safety, security and access without relying on, nor consuming, any internal hardware.

The announcement came as businesses across the region face further restrictions on staff travel and congregation in response to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak. As Frame is cloud-based, virtual workspaces can be running within an hour. Hence, staffs can then get a safe and secure access to any application from their home with no software download or upgrade required.

This solution will provide Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution, to businesses across Asia – as they struggle with declining productivity due to the inability of staff to make it to the office. It provides mobility and flexibility for personnel without compromising business security, productivity or performance.  It lets staff work from anywhere, on any device with secure and complete access to their work desktop, files and network.

“We are trying to play our part in making sure Asia’s businesses and economies keep moving during these unpredictable times” said Matt Young, Head of Asia Pacific and Japan at Nutanix. “The safety and security of staff remains the primary concern, but we can help keep them active, engaged and productive through easily available and accessible software.”

Asia plays a critical role as the world’s economic engine and there is a great deal of local, national and international pressure on the region’s businesses. So, Nutanix is looking to ensure they have access to the latest technology to help them navigate this unprecedented time.