Microsoft Teams Reading Progress: New Application for Better Education


Microsoft has now come up with a new application available in Microsoft Teams which will help students to refurbish their reading skills and further map their progress in the application.

The students through the application can read aloud, record themselves, and can work on their reading skills. They can share their audio and video with the teachers so that they can provide proper feedback, track the progress of the student and discover various opportunities for student growth.

Microsoft Teams is a delegated platform, where you can share documents, conduct and attend online meetings, and many more very useful features especially for business communications.
This Application of Microsoft proved very significant during the outbreak of covid19, as everything went remote and virtual. Microsoft Teams specifically was helpful in the education sector, as many government and private schools made use of the application.
Reading gracefully and fluently is an essential part of students’ progress. To bridge the gap created by the pandemic, it is essential that students get the chance to build their reading skills which in turn will boost their confidence.

Microsoft Here’s a sneak peek of how reading progress works:

1. Assignments can be altered by the teachers according to the reading level of the student and his progress. They have the option to read out loud in a comfortable setting and at their own pace.

2. Students have the option to adjust the page settings, for eg: format and font size so that they can enhance their reading experience. They can also record themselves reading aloud on audio/ or video.

3. This app has categorised a time-sensitive process by integrating with Teams education Insights dashboard. The auto-detect feature can be used by teachers to simultaneously review the errors such as mispronunciations, repetitions, phrasing, and omissions.

4. Empowering Students