Instagram Reels to start showing ads in India

Instagram Reel ads

Instagram has started testing reel ads in countries like India, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. While the ads can be seen on almost every other Instagram feature, the app’s TikTok-style feature has yet to serve any ads from the platform.

The next ads on Reels, of course, would look like Instagram Stories in video format. Once the ads are tested for the first time in the countries mentioned, they will be shown to the rest of the world in the coming months.

Instagram Reels ads are up to 30 seconds long and work like a regular Reels video. Vertically arranged ads support like and comment options and even allow you to save, share, or skip features that are missing from ads in Instagram Stories.

As usual, all ads are marked as “sponsored” so users know what their goal is.

In addition to placing ads on Instagram Reels, parent company Facebook will also introduce a new ad format for Facebook Stories. In the coming weeks, the company will test new sticky ads for Facebook Stories with select advertisers and creators.

The new ad format allows advertisers to create stories using stickers that can be used to redirect to a list of products. Users who click on a specific tag can purchase the product directly from the product page on the website. Part of the sale is shared with the creators.

In addition to the ads, Facebook is also trying to introduce a feature that would allow Instagram users to share roles on their Facebook accounts.