ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard, India’s leading private non-life insurance company, has collaborated with Skit.ai, an AI-powered SaaS voice automation platform, to launch a first-of-its-kind AI-powered Digital Voice Agent to assist customers seeking the status of their insurance claims for health and motor insurance policies. ICICI Lombard will be able to ease the typically cumbersome process of obtaining claim status by leveraging the Skit Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform while focusing on customer experience and empathy. Through natural, human-feeling communication, the Digital Voice Agent will effectively reduce average call handling time, boost call containment rates, and automate customer engagements.

Having recognized the need for improving empathy in insurance, ICICI Lombard has pioneered the journey to modernize and elevate the customer experience in the insurance claim process. The Skit.ai Augmented Voice Intelligence Platform, integrated with ICICI Lombard’s CRM systems, will enhance the speed, accuracy, and ease of conversation. This is a crucial cog in ICICI Lombard’s CX innovation strategy. It is expected that this strategic initiative will help ICICI Lombard achieve up to 30% call containment, allowing human customer support agents to focus on tackling more complex claims and escalations. Further, it will also enable saving close to 28% of contact center costs. The Digital Voice Agent has already started helping customers to complete the process of receiving updates on the status of their claims in under a minute while providing a consistent and empathetic user experience. This also removes the monotony of having to wade through IVRs and the typical DTMF experience.

Girish Nayak, Chief of Service, Operations, and Technology at ICICI Lombard, commented on the collaboration, saying, “We at ICICI Lombard believe that insurance is a promise that a client pays for in advance and that the claim is the moment of truth. We have set out to deliver on this promise with an intelligent Digital Voice Agent that reduces customer wait time and holds sympathetic conversations as part of our digital transformation strategy. It is an innovative, modern solution that simplifies a cumbersome legacy process.”

Sourabh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of Skit.ai, stated regarding the collaboration, “Voice automation and intelligence have the capacity to disrupt and bring about major foundational changes inside the customer experience area.” We are excited to collaborate with ICICI Lombard on this endeavour to revolutionise the Indian insurance business digitally. Voice is the future of customer-business interaction, and with Skit.ai’s powerful SaaS-based Voice AI solution, ICICI Lombard will be able to provide world-class customer care with no wait time.”

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