Guaranteed vehicle or else Zoomcar will provide full refund By Elets News Network - 10 December 2019


Zoomcar, India’s leading self-drive shared mobility platform is leaving no stone unturned in extending a seamless and superlative experience to its customers.

While Zoomcar already boasts industry leading reliability metrics, the company is not stopping there. In an attempt to further raise the bar on this best-in class, frictionless customer experience, Zoomcar will now guarantee a vehicle for all bookings or the company will provide a full refund of the booking amount, with an additional cashback worth up to Rs 10,000 in the form of credits.

As an example of its customer centricity, Zoomcar operates a best-in-breed inventory management system that allows the company to exercise extreme flexibility when it comes to allocating bookings and taking care of all operational scenarios.

This intelligent inventory system runs a real-time check on all cars to estimate time taken for them to return to their drop-off point, with real-time traffic and road conditions factored into consideration.

In case of estimated delays, upcoming bookings are automatically relocated to the nearest car available. It also alerts both the customers and internal service team to ensure a fully closed loop process. In case the exact car booked by the customer is unavailable, alternate cars are suggested to best suit customers’ preferences. This way, the customer’s experience isn’t impaired.

To ensure the best services to its customers, Zoomcar also possesses a team of 1,000 + on-ground logistics specialists who are armed with custom cleaning and maintenance inspection kits who ensure every car is thoroughly inspected before every booking. As a complement to these efforts, the company also ensures that each car is equipped with its trademark new fragrance, Accelerate by Zoomcar.

This helps to ensure a thoroughly standardized experience for each customer. Additionally, in case of a vehicle mechanical issue in the trip, Zoomcar will provide Rs 5,000 per day for alternative accommodation and Rs 5,000 credits, no questions asked.

“For Zoomcar, customer obsession is deeply rooted in our DNA” said Greg Moran, CEO and Co-Founder Zoomcar. “Our number one priority will always be to create the most seamless, frictionless, user-friendly self-drive experience on the planet. We follow the strictest guidelines to meet the diverse needs of our customers and address any challenges that they may face along their self-drive journey. With an ironclad car fulfillment guarantee or the receipt of refunds and substantial cashback, we hope to redefine the paradigm of an amazing self-drive experience in India.”

About Zoomcar

Zoomcar holds the distinction of being India’s first self-drive shared mobility platform, with the introduction of a short-term car access product (hourly/daily rental) in 2013. Today, Zoomcar is the undisputed market leader in the self-drive shared mobility space with over 10,000 cars in its fleet. With a strong focus on the mobile experience, Zoomcar allows users to rent cars by the hour or day. Headquartered in Bangalore, Zoomcar is over 275 people strong and operates in 45+ cities across India. In 2018, Zoomcar introduced India’s first long term car access product with the launch of India’s first (and only) shared subscription offering. Shared subscription compliments the company’s existing short-term rental product offering to create a one-stop-shop for self-drive shared mobility across multiple use cases.

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