Gagandeep Sethi Takes the Lead on Sustainability Efforts at Pernod Ricard India By Elets News Network - 05 March 2024

Gagandeep Sethi

Pernod Ricard India has recently unveiled the appointment of Gagandeep Sethi as the new leader for its Sustainability & Responsibility (S&R) sector, signifying a pivotal advancement in its pledge towards sustainable growth and corporate social responsibility. Holding the position of Senior Vice President of Integrated Operations, Gagandeep Sethi is entrusted with championing the company’s sustainability endeavours, with a keen focus on achieving water positivity and fostering community-based initiatives.

Innovative Leadership for Sustainable Futures
Gagandeep Sethi’s integral role in propelling operational efficiencies and business reforms is expected to be instrumental in steering Pernod Ricard India towards its sustainability objectives. Jean Touboul, the CEO of Pernod Ricard India, praised Gagandeep Sethi’s selection, highlighting his comprehensive experience across various operational domains and his aptness for leading S&R initiatives. The aim is to craft, evolve, and apply impactful projects that promote scalable solutions for water conservation and amplify the company’s social footprint within communities.

Experience and Contribution
With a robust background spanning over twenty years in the corporate arena, including pivotal roles in operations, strategic planning, and business growth, Gagandeep Sethi brings profound expertise to his new position. His appointment is a testament to Pernod Ricard India’s dedication to embedding sustainability at the heart of its operations, aiming for a sustainable and positive impact on society and the environment. The initiatives led by Gagandeep Sethi are expected to align with the global goals for sustainable development, with a significant emphasis on water preservation and community support.

Visionary Leadership and Community Involvement
As the head of Sustainability & Responsibility, Gagandeep Sethi is set to guide Pernod Ricard India in meeting its bold sustainability targets. The company’s emphasis on water positivity and community-driven social initiatives mirrors its commitment to environmental guardianship and enhancing the quality of life for the communities it engages with. Through meticulous strategy and execution, Gagandeep Sethi’s leadership is anticipated to catalyse notable progress in sustainability and social responsibility, establishing new standards for corporate participation in these vital fields.

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The strategic decision to appoint Gagandeep Sethi as the head of Sustainability & Responsibility underscores Pernod Ricard India’s optimistic stride towards environmental conservation and community welfare. Under Sethi’s direction, the company is poised to make substantial contributions towards these ends, reinforcing its status as a conscientious corporate entity devoted to making a meaningful difference.

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