Fortinet makes strategic investment of $75M in Linksys

Linksys and Fortinet announced a strategic alliance to further secure and optimize the performance and management of home networks in today’s work from home.

Together, Fortinet, Linksys, and FIT provide enterprise connectivity and security, as well as unmatched quality of service, to organizations that need seamless, secure connectivity so their employees can work efficiently from home.

As part of this alliance, Fortinet has made a strategic investment of $ 75 million in Linksys, which will provide consumers and businesses with the best next-generation router connectivity solutions in the world. Additionally, Fortinet will appoint a representative to the Linksys board of directors.

Ken Xie, Founder and CEO of Fortinet, said: “When companies embrace telecommuting on a large scale, cybercriminals take advantage of the many security vulnerabilities that emerge. A security-centric network, a strategy that combines network and security across the connected environment, from the core to the cloud, branch offices and remote workers, enables companies to see and defend today’s highly dynamic environments. user experience. We are delighted to be working with Linksys to provide secure and reliable network connectivity to home workers. “

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Sidney Lu, President and CEO of FIT Hon Teng, said: “We are delighted to welcome Fortinet as a strategic partner to provide secure connectivity for remote consumers and professionals. This collaboration is a testament to the continued strength and reach of the Linksys business. We look forward to leveraging Fortinet’s proven cybersecurity expertise to unlock new opportunities. “

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