Avaya Enables 2 Million Remote Workers for more than 11,000 Companies Worldwide


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on people and organizations around the globe. Companies large and small have had to quickly adapt to new ways of working while addressing massive increases in customer inquiries and the need for help. Avaya Holdings has moved quickly to enable companies, schools, governments and organizations of all kinds to adapt to working from anywhere. Every day more and more people are connected, collaborating and continuing to be productive while staying safe, based on the speed at which Avaya has been able to respond.

In response to COVID-19, the company has empowered 2 million staff members to work from home for its customers around the world.  These customers are benefitting from the complimentary 90-day access licenses Avaya has offered to pivot their office-based contact center agents and others to work remotely while maintaining exceptional levels of customer engagement. Avaya has helped over 11,000 organizations in just a few weeks, including Humana, IBM, Boston Scientific, the FDIC, General Atomics, Hainan Airlines, Carlson Wagonlit, Gateway Health, Deutsche Telekom, Texas Children’s Hospital, Westcon, Teleperformance, government agencies, and many more who rely on Avaya as their trusted partner helping them successfully manage through the crisis.

“No other company has the breadth and capabilities we have to enable remote workforces on a global scale where we are dealing with workforces in the tens of thousands, in some cases even more,” said Jim Chirico, president and CEO of Avaya.  “Our immediate priority is to make a positive impact in any way we can to help our customers with business continuity, transition their workers to a work from anywhere environment and help ease the extreme emotional and mental stress this crisis is causing for their workers and their customers.”

Teleperformance is a global leader in digitally integrated business services, with over 331,000 employees in 80 countries, and a long-time Avaya customer. “Teleperformance remains focused on the health and safety of our employees. The well-being of our people must come first, and for this reason, Teleperformance has significantly expanded the deployment of home-based agents to now upward of 100,000 – a great option to protect employees from exposure and ensure business continuity for clients,” said Dev Mudaliar, Group CIO, Teleperformance. “Simpler, Faster, Safer has certainly taken on new meaning in these extraordinary times, all over the world, our Work-at-Home solutions have been implemented to ensure business continuity and flexibility for Teleperformance clients. Teleperformance is pleased to partner with industry technology leaders like Avaya to help power our highly reliable and adaptable infrastructure.  Avaya’s remote agent solutions have provided us the capability to rapidly mobilize at home users, and deliver the same customer experience as a traditional brick and mortar contact center.