Accenture accelerates Data-Driven decision making for Lupin


Lupin Limited’s data-driven transformation journey for increased company agility, performance, and operational efficiency has been enabled.

Accenture implemented a digital platform based on SAP S/4HANA® that provides real-time visibility into integrated data from multiple sources, including supply chain, people, and sales networks spread across 100+ countries and its fifteen manufacturing and research facilities in India, the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. The ability to make educated decisions has been aided by a consolidated perspective of global corporate operations and performance. With simple and easy-to-access data models and analytical reports, SAP Fiori apps have also improved the user experience for Lupin workers.

Sreeji Gopinathan, CIO, Lupin, said, “Lupin is committed to providing affordable healthcare to people across the world, and our data-driven digital platform will play a crucial role in this mission,” “Through our collaboration with Accenture, we will unlock the value of enterprise data to increase efficiencies and accelerate innovation across all our functions and processes, including manufacturing, testing, supply chain, and finance and accounting.”