10,000 Vakrangee Kendras operational to provide key essential services

10,000 Vakrangee Kendras operational to provide key essential services

More than 10,000 assisted digital convenience stores run by Vakrangee are operational to provide the key essential services like banking, ATM, online pharmacy, telemedicine and online shopping of groceries, while maintaining complete safety protocols at the outlets.

“We believe at this moment of crises, it is our duty to help people and make these essential services available at the citizens to make their lives easier. We have further reduced the prices and offered discounts to make these services more affordable for the citizens. This would not only help our citizens but also help the nation to avoid any panic like situation,” said Dinesh Nandwana, Managing Director & Group CEO, Vakrangee Ltd, in a press release on Tuesday.

“Although there are field level and delivery challenges, we are striving our best efforts to keep these essential services available across our network of stores. We are committed towards our duty and responsibility to make sure these key services are available to the citizens in this moment of crises,” he added.

Vakrangee currently has more than 23,000 outlets which are spread across 30 States & UTs, covering over 500 districts and 6,150 postal codes.

More than 70% of these outlets are in Tier 5 and 6 towns. Vakrangee’s planned target is to reach at least 25,000 Nextgen Vakrangee Kendras by 2020 and further enhance it to reach 300,000 Nextgen outlets by FY 2024-25.