Venture Catalysts invests in CarterX to capitalize contactless baggage delivery segment

On-demand baggage delivery platform CarterX has partnered with Venture Catalysts, world’s third largest and India’s first integrated incubator and accelerator.

Founded by Ramya Reddy and Harsha Vardhan in 2017, CarterX is an on-demand baggage delivery platform that helps passengers to book, move, and track their baggages on any device powered by technology. It takes baggage door-step delivery to another level by reducing waiting times at the airports (both arrival and departure). Besides, it ensures safety and hygiene, especially during the Covid times. The company makes sure that each baggage is cautiously sanitized, tracked and transported anywhere in India (metros to rural) to the airports they service.

Harsha Vardhan, CEO of CarterX adds, ‘’CarterX extends on the same ideology of Contactless pick up and delivery for Airport services, that has now become our everyday necessity with groceries, ecommerce and food brought right to our doorstep. We are thrilled to have VCATs along with our new and existing investors on board for this exciting journey. This fund raise round will aide CarterX to forge more alliances with VCATs and scale across more airports to offer a host of airport services under one platform to penetrate deeper into the market.’’

Speaking on the funding round, Anuj Golecha, Co-Founder, Venture Catalysts, said, “As times are changing, people desire safer and stress-free travel, keeping weight and chaos as far as possible. What CarterX is doing is truly exceptional. The idea of unfussy transfer (to and from the airport) of baggage will revolutionize the travel logistics industry and allow passengers to experience the new age of travelling from the first seat. With this funding, we are excited to be an integral part of the novel idea and want to wish CarterX’s founding team success in their future endeavors.”

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