TCS launches AI-driven Command Center in Chennai By Elets News Network - 17 October 2019


TCS iON, a unit of Tata Consultancy Services is in news for having launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Command Center in Chennai.

The center has been established to monitor in real-time over 6,000 of its examination venues across the country.

The brand expects to give a superior encounter to test chairmen for the reasonable lead of tests and straightforwardness of test tasks. Based at TCS’ Sholinganallur office, the war room will screen the test procedure with parameters to avoid, foresee and post occurrences as alarms for the board of the test.

It will follow the development and the gadgets conveyed by applicants at test focuses with a live CCTV feed, foresee the status of the inside dependent on past episodes and the current live feed of occasions in the test focus, issue alarms about negligence endeavours dependent on the learnings from the misbehaviour examples of the past and track the availability of all gadgets being utilised for leading the test, with the utilisation of the IT specialist organisation’s IoT system.

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Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON, said, “This is our next leap to reimagine the exam monitoring process and assure fair and free exams at scale, even in the remotest locations within and outside India. This is aligned with our vision of making examination processes in the country secure and scalable. The real-time monitoring of the end-to-end examination process has been made possible through an interplay of digital technologies covering cloud, analytics, artificial intelligence-driven algorithms, IoT frameworks, and other high-end computational and image processing algorithms. By providing such 360-degree assurance, we aim to raise the bar for monitoring large scale exams.”

TCS iON takes into account training sheets and enrolment bodies to direct enormous scale and high-stake assessments in India through its Digital Zones. TCS iON has directed so far 3,180 tests crosswise over 643 urban areas.

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