Asigra Announces Significant Leadership Team Expansion


Asigra announced key executive recruitment to the company’s senior management team as the ransomware threat to backup data takes center stage in 2022. Moving the company into the New Year are industry veterans Eric Simmons, CEO; Val Silva, CTO; Pete Nourse, Chief Revenue Officer/Chief Marketing Officer, and Chris Gilkes, VP of Worldwide Sales.  The new team marks the start of a new chapter for Asigra by bringing in significant experience in critical areas to help the company meet its growth goals and keep up with the changing cybersecurity landscape.

“Ransomware is resulting in revenue and data loss, compromised data, reputational damage, significant operational disruption and more,” said Zachary Ginsburg, Research Director for the Gartner Audit and Risk practice. “Regardless of their size or revenue, organizations should assume they will be targeted with ransomware, and they should examine their prevention, detection, mitigation, response and recovery measures.”