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Securing the Cyber Space: A Potential Career Option

IT plays a dominant role in the present economy and trade - it has simplified our day-to-day work in all respects. However, in the...

Chandigarh a Rare Embodiment of e-Governance

Prerna Puri Secretary, Information Technology & Additional Secretary, Home, Chandigarh Administration “The vision of the Administration is to create a knowledge based society, in which every citizen of Chandigarh is able to use...

e-Governance for serving the people

Madhusudan Padhi Commissioner-Cum-Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Government of Odisha “The policies of the government must aim to enhance the quality of the government services being provided in...

The pro-people agenda of e-Governance

Susanta Majumdar Secretary, Information Technology & Electronics Department, Government of West Bengal “All our major procurements are done through an e-procurement portal run by NIC.If an administrator...

eIndia 2009 nominations: G2c

[This article was published in the September 2009 issue of the eGov Magazine (http://www.egovonline.net) ]

Government to Citizens (G2C) Initiative of the Year: Government to Citizens (G2C) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools to provide and improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens.

Successful e-Governance Demands e-Enabled States : Suresh Chanda, Secretary, Department of...

“Since India is a large country, e-enabling government departments has to be dealt at the state level. The Central government can only act as a facilitator by impressing upon every state government the significance of ICT projects in public welfare.”

e-governance scheme to aid RTI Act

The Government of India has developed a mechanism for the implementation of Right to Information (RTI) Act into the e-Governance scheme of the Centre.

States urged to adopt e-governance

Wajahat Habibullah, Chief Information Commissioner of Chennai (India) urged all state governments to implement e-Governance initiatives to reap the benefits of the Right to Information Act.

18-22 January 2005, Kobe, Japan

[This article was published in the February 2005 issue of the eGov Magazine (http://www.egovonline.net) ]

Role of information and communication technologies in disaster mitigation was one of the themes that dominated the recently held

All for people, Andhra to link all e-Gov portals, India

Providing services to his people is the main objective of Andhra Pradesh Government and this is no doubt is one more step towards e-governance. After full computerisation and independent portals for each government department, the Andhra Pradesh government is now embarking on bringing interoperability across platforms.