Johnson Controls showcases building intelligence technologies in India

To further advance energy efficiency and increase building intelligence in the Indian market,  Johnson Controls, a market leader in India’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry has showcased several innovative new technologies at ACREX 2017, February 23 to 25 in New Delhi.

Cutting-edge technologies on display included Metasys  8.0, YORK YMC² chiller and Smart Connected Chillers.

“Our successful merger with Tyco has greatly enhanced our existing capabilities and expanded our portfolio of products and solutions. Our combined insights and world-class technologies will help us to better meet the needs of our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their buildings,” said Shrikant Bapat, Country General Manager & Managing Director of Johnson Controls, India. “We are also well-positioned to support India’s push for Smart Cities together with our local partners.”

Johnson Controls booth at ACREX 2017 were technologies designed to advance energy efficiency and increase building intelligence.

The showcased technologies included:

  •         Metasys 8.0, the latest version of Johnson Controls’ world’s leading building automation system. The enhanced version was developed in consultation with customers and boasts an intuitive and touch-friendly user interface. The platform can be operated across any mobile device without need for software installation, and features an open system, which allows seamless integration of all BTL listed third-party equipment. In addition, enhanced security measures allow information across all network devices to be captured.
  •         Smart connected chillers, a solution that integrates industry-leading remote monitoring and cloud-based analysis tools in planned service agreements and warranties to give greater control to critical equipment within a facility. It ensures very high uptime of chillers by reducing unplanned or emergency repairs and reduction in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). This secure system connects YORK or other make chillers using Metasys® platform and streams data from the chiller to the cloud, establishing a 24/7 line of sight into the real-time operation of the connected chiller.

Real-time trend data is stored on company’s remote servers, and Advanced Analytics facilitates our service team to decipher tough issues and ensure it does not recur, identify any potential future problems and take predictive actions immediately.

Smart connected chillers deliver fewer disruptions, reduced downtime, and longer equipment life. It also addresses the trend of decreasing skilled service expertise at field due to attrition, decline in preferences for on-site jobs. Johnson Controls smart connected chillers can work independently of client IT access. It uses high-end Fault Detection and Diagnostics, provides detailed information to service teams on their hand-held devices and has 24×7 real-time data storage for reference and actions.

  •         YORK  YMC² is an oil free magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller driven by a permanent magnet motor and latest variable speed drive (VSD) technology with an astonishing industry-leading low sound, approved stable ratings for lower condenser water entering temperature, which can be leveraged in cities such as Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. YMC² also has an AHRI performance rating of 0.52 KW/TR at full load and actually delivering 0.27KW/TR part load performance in India. Some of the well-known IT majors, who pioneered in energy efficiency, use only YMC² in their campuses across India. We have a population of 19 “proven” YMC² installations in India. YMC² delivers part load efficiency of 0.27KW/TR in these sites. YMC² capacity range designed with single compressor is 165TR – 1,000TR, far beyond what competitors offer, thus fulfilling the critical efficiency demands of Indian clients in the Magnetic bearing range.

·         Lau JET Fans are manufactured in India, and can operate at high temperatures of up to 250-degree Celsius for two hours as certified by TUV NORD and consumes 0.74/0.10 KW at 2850/ 1450 RPM. This product can be installed in most Indian cities for underground car parking. It is also one of the fastest ways to install ventilation systems in new or existing buildings.

ACREX India 2017 Award of Excellence in Innovation in Building Automation

Innovation across Johnson Control’s portfolio has been a consistent priority. This was recognized at the ACREX India 2017, where Metasys 8.0, the latest version of Johnson Controls’ leading building automation system, was declared the runner-up in the award for excellence in innovation in building automation. Kent Hrbek Womens Jersey